And then one day……


I remember the day that it happened……it clicked, it became okay, it didn’t make me crazy anymore.

When you first drive away in an RV from your “home” it’s exciting, scary, unbelievable, there are so many amazing emotions. It’s wonderful! The first week or two, you are in a daze. It’s a wonderful, glazed over, in rose colored glasses kinda daze. After the first couple of weeks reality sets in and it’s a hard adjustment. All of a sudden everything around you is unfamiliar! You aren’t going back “home”.  You don’t know where anything is and your normal, simple trips to the store are hard and draining.

I loved going shopping in new stores when I was vacation, why was this so different? Why was it so hard now?

Why did the quick trip to the grocery store take an hour, not 10 minutes (and not because you aren’t normally in the middle of nowhere)?

For me it was hard at first, it hurt my brain to go to grab food to cook for dinner….. they didn’t have the things I was used to getting, the whole store was set up differently, they didn’t have the quality of things I was used to….I could go on about all the little things that made it so hard to go to the store.

I was thrown so far out of the world I was used to…..I had no idea that it would be like this.

But then one day it became okay, it became normal.

I remember the day that it all clicked and the unfamiliar just became familiar. It was really such a wonderful day! This cloud lifted and I could see everything better again. It didn’t make my brain hurt to go shopping (maybe still in a Walmart but that’s a whole different beast, LOL) or even to deal with everything always being new. I love to shop and it suddenly became fun again.

We were in South Bay, FL. We got in on a Saturday afternoon, we were booked there for 2 weeks. We did our normal: enjoy a weekend, try to relax a little and check out the area. That Monday I felt so comfortable and at peace. I was so happy to stare out the window and not feel a little manic. I hadn’t felt this in over 2 months (or more counting the craziness of our selling/moving everything in 5 weeks). It took me a couple of days to realize what it was for sure. But it was the day that the unknown became okay. That I knew I wouldn’t know anymore and it was just fine. I didn’t feel out of sorts, I felt like me. Like I have said, “the unfamiliar became familiar”.  I loved it. I knew we were doing the right thing with this lifestyle change.

If you are new to this wonderful full-time RVing world, know that it will be great, it will be okay! It pushes you to a different place. A place you don’t know about or understand. A place just past your comfort zone. And it is amazing!

A very wise woman I know would say all the time “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. I said that to myself for years and it was always valuable. But now, now is a time it is most valuable to me. I am there, not because I have to be, but because I want to be. I am comfortable with the unknown and unfamiliar and it is awesome 🙂 Other then the pretty RV I get to live in and the wonderful dogs that travel with us, nothing is the same longer then 2 weeks and it’s really cool!