Feeling inspired by Mother Superior!


SO we totally dropped the ball….

When we hit the road we had this amazing idea of having a travel blog. It was going to be big! Everyone (of course) would want to hear/read our story. We are fun, cute and I’m a little funny. We were going to be great at this, make tons of money and get lots of friends because of it 😉 Also our family would have a way of knowing all that we are doing. Our focus was going to be a quick review of the campgrounds we use, staying healthy on the road (cooking and exercise mainly), our love for using essential oils for everything and then the fun we get to have on our days off……..

Well it started strong with campground reviews, RV related things and some excursions but we got burned out.

We shit the bed on our reviews of where we stayed. The last campground review we wrote was in Florida, from the end of February (it’s almost September)…hahaha. We haven’t been in that state since the beginning of April and are now in Michigan’s UP! Hahahaha! Who knows what we will do with that part of out blog. Maybe we will write about them all again? Maybe we will only write about the ones we like? Maybe we will never do anything with it and call it a wash.

The days go by so much faster then you think they are going to. Jeff works 40 hours a week, 9-5 as a software consultant. I have my own business selling and teaching people about essential oils with dōTERRA. We have two dogs that take up a lot of our day with walks and such. Then you have the normal cleaning, shopping and cooking (I cook 90% of what we eat from scratch). Our travel days normally only happen on the weekend. Plus we also want to have fun and explore the areas we are in.

So were does a blog come in? That’s what we have been telling ourselves. We just want to sit down at the end of the day and have a glass of wine (or 2) and talk, maybe even watch a show on Netflix. Like I said we got burned out….but at the end of the day that’s just an excuse! An excuse that I (we) are going to change!

We have stories to tell, things to share. They might not always be great ones but they will be shared!

For me personally, I have always had something to say but have not been great at putting it into words. That’s going to change! I have to continuously work on it to become good at it. I’m going to stop comparing my writing with others, stop thinking that others have better stories and stop worrying about what people will think!

Did this happen to anyone else?!? How do you manage your days? How do you juggle your time to follow a passion and turn it into a career?